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Management Systems and ERPs

For over 20 years, Saskatchewan Software Services has designed, developed and managed custom built management software systems, ERPs and management applications for businesses and organizations across the province.

Our complete management systems and ERPs are designed to manage every aspect of an organization from sales and marketing through to administrations, operations, production, human resource, customer service, billing, inventory, equipment, assets, safety and more.

Individual applications and modules are purpose built to provide a specific set of functions and features based on the client's needs and requirements. These can range from custom timecard systems and field operations apps to systems designed to automate a specific business process or replace a manual task group.

Our consultants and project manager works with management and staff to custom design, develop and implement custom management systems based on your specific organizational structure, management, operations, processes, workflow and specific requirements.

Solutions For Every Part of Your Organization.

Types of Management Systems and Applications

SaskSoftware - General Business Management Software
General Business Management Software
SaskSoftware - Administrative Management Software
Administrative Management Software
SaskSoftware - Operations Management Software
Operations Management Software
SaskSoftware - Project Management Software
Project Management Software
SaskSoftware - Human Resource Management (HRM) Software
Human Resource Management (HRM) Software
SaskSoftware - Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software
Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software
SaskSoftware - Sales Management Software
Sales Management Software
SaskSoftware - Estimating and Quoting Software
Estimating and Quoting Software
SaskSoftware - Billing and Invoicing Software
Billing and Invoicing Software
SaskSoftware - Data Reporting Software
Data Reporting Software
SaskSoftware - Business Intelligence Software
Business Intelligence Software
SaskSoftware - Equipment and Asset Maintenance Software
Equipment and Asset Maintenance Software
SaskSoftware - Equipment and Asset Management Software
Equipment and Asset Management Software
SaskSoftware - Safety Management Software
Safety Management Software
SaskSoftware - Quality Control Software
Quality Control Software
SaskSoftware - Scheduling Software
Scheduling Software
SaskSoftware - Mobile Timecard App
Mobile Timecard App
SaskSoftware - Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software
SaskSoftware - Supply Chain Management Software
Supply Chain Management Software
SaskSoftware - Production Management Software
Production Management Software
SaskSoftware - Employee Training Software
Employee Training Software
SaskSoftware - Cost Control and Management Software
Cost Control and Management Software
SaskSoftware - Membership Management Software
Membership Management Software
SaskSoftware - Inventory Management Software
Logistics and Transportation Software

And Much More...

Manage Better With a Custom Management System.

Benefits and Advantages

Your business is unique, and you need an equally unique system to meet your needs. See how a custom management and automation system can help to streamline and optimize your operations and management.

  • Reduce Labor and Operating Cost
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Lower Cost of Employee Management
  • Reduce Paperwork and Data Entry
  • Increase Price Competitiveness
  • Streamline Operations and Management
  • Centralize Management and Control
  • Increase Compliance and Accountability
  • Reduce Administrations and Overhead
  • Reduce Human Errors and Waste
SaskSoftware - Benefits and Advantages

A System As Unique As Your Organization

SaskSoftware - Why Go Custom?

Why Go Custom?

  • Going custom means never having to comprise the things that makes your business unique. The way you work, the way you operate and the way you manage.
  • Custom software is based on your structure, management, operations, workflow and processes. It works exactly the way you want rather than forcing you to adapt.
  • One size doesn't always fit all. Every business is unique, so a standard off the shelf system can't delivery the exact functions and features you require.
  • Custom development means that every aspect of the system is fully integrated and centralized compared to multiple systems from different developers.
  • With custom software, you own your system which means you're in complete control. With off the shelf systems, you are at the mercy of the developers.
  • Because custom software is unique to your business, it give you a strategic and operational advantage against competitors using generic systems.
  • Your project management and development team provides long term hands-on training, service and support that no generic packaged system can match.
  • A custom system grows, changes and expands to help you adapt to the marketplace, to technological changes and to continually improve the business.

SaskAutomate - Let's Get Started

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